Publications & Awards


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  • (2017) Accepted speaker at the Materials Research Society (MRS). Characterizing Segregation in Doped NMC Cathode Interfaces Using Machine Learning. Boston, United States.

  • (2017) Invited Career Panelist. McMaster Engineering, Technology, Research & Innovation Conference (METRIC)

  • (2016). The Nanoscale Structure of Ni Deposited at Glancing Angle Conditions. Ni Electro Can, Toronto,Canada

  • (2015). Invited Speaker. Phase Separation in Au-Pt Nanoparticles. Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf Seminar, Dresden, Germany

  • (2014). Invited Speaker. Phase Separation in Au-Pt Nanoparticles. NDConnect 2014, University of Notre Dame, United States

  • (2013). Invited Speaker. The Corrosion Behavior of ZEK100 coated via Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation. Graduate Departmental Seminar (MATLS 701), Hamilton, Canada

All Awards

  • (September 2016) Awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology ($15 000)

  • (September 2016) The Ashbaugh Scholarship

  • (September 2016) Materials Science Graduate Scholarship

  • (April 2016) Awarded The University Prizes for Special Achievement for exceptional originality and creativity in solving an engineering problem in an industry project ($500)

  • (June 2015) Awarded a RISE-DAAD fellowship (3 month stipend) to work on a research project of my choosing in Germany and the McMaster Engineering Travel Grant ($4000).

  • (November 2014) Research achievements highlighted in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail

  • (October 2014) 2nd Place winner in the North America wide nanotechnology contest NDConnect2014 ($2000 USD) at the University of Notre Dame

  • (Summer 2014) 1st Place in McMaster’s Materials Science and Engineering & Engineering Physics Undergraduate Poster Session

  • (Summer 2014) Awarded The Mark John Stojcic Scholarship ($1800) for outstanding academic achievement in level III of my program.

  • (Summer 2014)Awarded The Denton Coates Memorial Scholarship ($750) for excellence on my senior thesis

  • (Summer 2013) 1st Place in McMaster’s Materials Science and Engineering & Engineering Physics Undergraduate Poster Session